Teviot Original Walker


Handmade in England using only the finest materials and expertise. 

Wonderfully strong and aesthetically pleasing our Lovat Mill Scottish 18oz Tweed is the perfect base for our golf bags. Rounded off by the softest, strongest, most durable full grain leather Tuscany has to offer for our pockets and trim.  

The tweed employs only the highest quality wools and has been given a showerproof Teflon finish to enhance performance. At 21 oz it is incredibly light for its strength and character. Perfect for the links. 

The 'Original Walker' is designed to maximise your enjoyment of the game. It can fit a whole set, but take 6/7/8 clubs out and I guarantee a more enjoyable round. Less pressure, more creativity, play shots that aren't determined by trackman and return to the clubhouse fresh and ready for some Claret because you didn't carry the kitchen sink with you. 

Lightweight, waterproof, durable, and as with all our 'Made in England' products we offer a lifetime guarantee. 

  • Scottish Lovat Mill Sporting Tweed
  • 7 Inch opening with divider 
  • Main pocket with inside valuables pocket
  • Loxx fasteners for the ultimate security and hold. 
  • Italian Leather Trim
  • Jumper/jacket clasp within interior rim
  • Handmade in England 



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