William Hylton, Founder

I want to highlight the value and beauty in genuine luxury. Too often today’s luxury brands are focused on trends and marketing their products as symbols of wealth. My products are made to last and designed to outlive trends. I want my bags to whisper you have good taste. Value because you only buy once. 

Reflecting on past productions I knew things had to change with Hylton Goods. It was paramount we were working with local companies, local people, working towards a more sustainable production.  

Designs can only take you so far, sourcing the best raw materials, making sure each producer was accountable for their sustainable productions and then finding the correct pair of hands to put them together.

My philosophy is to create with the best, the most experienced hands you can find. Our factory based in the North of England has some of the most trusted hands in the leather goods world. 

I want to design and produce beautiful, lasting products that garner lifelong clients.