Jermyn Street
For a more formal affair, look no further than Jermyn Street, the home of tailors, cigar merchants and the finest shirt makers around.
Jermyn Street ticks all the more important boxes; their time-tested cuts, shapes, colours, cloths, have all earned their place in the timeless category. From head to toe, this icon of London’s menswear scene has you covered.
For shoes, stroll to Church’s at 110 Jermyn Street. If you’re feeling more extravagant, jump a couple of doors down for the bespoke service at Edward Green, but if you’re looking for a more… attainable luxury shoe shall we say, head straight to Church’s. Don’t be deterred by the price, but view the purchase as an investment; a product of such quality that you could pass onto your future grandson. Personally, I always stick to the classics, half brogues, pennys, chelseas, oxfords - tried and tested shapes that will never fail to impress. Go for a classic rounded toe every time, there’s never a time when pointed shoes are acceptable.
At Church’s, if you can purchase their accompanying shoe trees, do it. They may be the price of two pairs of Adidas sneakers, but your Church’s will last decades stored correctly with these beauties. It also is telling; if Church’s put that much attention into their shoe trees, imagine what they do with the shoes…
For Shirts, look right and left and then cross the road to Dunhill at number 48. Quite simply, I once met a cotton trader, who said Dunhill buy the best, create the best and sell the best. I haven’t looked back since.
Suits: Jermyn Street is very much the more attainable version of Savil Row. All houses dotted along the street will alter and make the suit fit the way you want without having to re-mortgage your flat. If you’re looking for a modern, trendy, ‘of the moment’ style, look elsewhere. On this street, you’ll find the classic silhouettes, tried and tested over many years to define the gentleman’s understated, simple, timeless outline.
Lastly for jumpers: follow the future King of England and head straight to 71 for Turnbull and Asser. They will outlast your shoes, shirts and almost everything else you own. You’ll pay the price now, but you won’t have to buy twice later.
All that walking from either side of the street means only one thing, food is in order and there’s a few places along Jermyn street that warrant a mention; francos, 45 Jermyn street, Rowleys but none of them are Wiltons.
Wiltons has no comparison, no counterpart, no competitor. Its history (opened 1742), its oysters, its wild fish, its game, its oldest of old school atmospheres, its service, is second to none. Enjoy.